Sunday, November 10, 2013

Free Stuff and Free Samples. How do we get it in India?

Free Stuff in India Informational

How do you get free samples?

This is an important question that always remains in minds of people about free stuff, but we need to address it.
The Answer is simple "When companies are launching new products they give out free products or samples to their customers who can test the new product and provide them feedback about the same.
So Company is giving out free samples only to promote its product. These free products are called as free samples, freebies, Promotional samples or giveaways.
Whenever a company is providing some free stuff, you must understand that its because they want to promote their product.

Quality of Samples:

Quality of product which is given as promotional sample is far better than actual product. Its because, a company wants to put a good impression on users, so that next time they come and buy their product and also promote it among their friends. So its an obvious thing that samples have high quality materials in them.

Delivery of Samples:
Samples are usually delivered to you absolutely free of cost. That is Shipping is Free.

Which companies give more samples?

In India quite a lot of companies provide free stuff but Usually beauty, cosmetics, medicine companies give out samples to their customers.
Companies of USA and India are always giving out free samples throughout the year.

There are some big sites on internet which provide you information about free stuff and giveaways. Some of them are,, indiafreestuff, and many more. These sites bring out the best deals and free offers to you everyday.

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